WHO Causality Assessment

Instructions: Click next to the relevant applicable variable and then click the "Assess Causality" button. The results will appear below.

There is an Event or laboratory test abnormality (An unusual occurrence or deviation detected during a test)
Plausible time relationship to drug intake (The event occurred after the drug was taken and within a time frame that makes a connection possible)
The event can be explained by disease or other drugs (The event can be attributed to a disease or the use of other drugs)
Response to withdrawal plausible (The event subsided or improved after the drug was discontinued)
The event is definitive pharmacologically or phenomenologically (The event is a specific medical disorder or a recognized pharmacological phenomenon)
Rechallenge satisfactory (The event reoccurred when the drug was reintroduced)
More data for proper assessment needed (Additional information is required to make a definitive assessment)
Report suggesting an adverse reaction (There is a report indicating a possible adverse reaction to the drug)
Information is insufficient or contradictory (The available information is not sufficient to make a definitive assessment or there are contradictions in the information)