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At MTTI, we specialize in transformative education for the pharmaceutical industry. Our courses in Pharmacovigilance, Drug Safety, Medical Device Safety, Medical Writing, Clinical Research, and Biomedical Statistics are designed not just to teach but to empower.

Innovative Learning with Test-to-Learn Techniques

Our unique ‘Test-to-Learn’ approach ensures deep, practical understanding, preparing you for real-world challenges. Learn from industry experts and engage in a curriculum that’s current, comprehensive, and career-oriented.

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Welcome to MTTI – the premier online training hub tailored for medical professionals. Dive into our specialized courses, designed to empower you with the essential skills required to excel in the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors.

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How To Study Our Courses
Test-to-Learn Approach
The Power of MTTI's Spiral Approach
The Power of Mind Maps at MedTech Talents
The Power of Using Real-World Examples
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Our Learning Approach: Embrace the Power of Test-to-Learn! Engaging Videos, Insightful Quizzes, Applied Examples, and Digestible Reading Materials Await You!

  • Our courses include reading materials, videos, and test-to-learn questions.
  • We recommend starting with the introductory videos to break the ice.
  • The videos are short (about 3 minutes) and use simple language, analogies, and examples.
  • The videos provide a high-level view of the topic.
  • After watching the videos, you can proceed to the test-to-learn (quiz) section.
  • The quiz section contains many questions designed to make you curious and learn more about the topic.
  • Once you’ve completed the quiz, you can study the reading materials.
  • The reading materials are typically 3-10 pages long and include summary tables and mind maps.
  • The summary tables and mind maps help you digest the materials quickly.
  • You can also explore the educational tools section, which provides applied aspects of the topic.
  • Repeat the learning cycle multiple times until your quiz scores reach at least 75%.
  • Reaching this score indicates a reasonable understanding of the topic.

Key Highlights

Specialized Courses by MTTI

Delve into subjects like pharmacovigilance, clinical research, drug safety, medical device safety, medical writing, and biomedical statistics.

Practical Learning Approach

At MTTI, we emphasize a hands-on “test-to-learn” approach, ensuring real-world application of your newfound skills.

MTTI’s Experienced Instructors

Our courses are led by an elite team of medical doctors and industry giants, boasting over a century of combined experience.

Catering to Every Medical Professional

 Whether you’re a doctor, pharmacist, nurse, or dentist, MTTI’s curriculum is tailored to resonate with your professional journey.

Our Courses

Applied Pharmacovigilance Certificate

The Applied Pharmacovigilance Certificate course is designed to equip participants with practical knowledge and skills in the field of pharmacovigilance.…

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